VP - Engineering (Cogeneration/Trigeneration)

Singapore, Singapore


Hi All,
We are looking to hire a VP of Engineering (Cogen/Trigen design) with 15-20 years design and delivery experience in the commercial building sector who will head the supply side energy efficiency efforts at an integrated Energy Contracting ESCO business headquartered in Singapore. The initial focus will be to provide utility solutions to the hotel and commercial properties that belongs to the group presently spread across South and South East Asia with plans to build over 30 more properties in the next 5-8 years. The projects will be implemented in a BOOT model.


• VP of Engineering reports to the CEO and is responsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and leading all aspects of the company’s supply side energy solutions for the hospitality and commercial real estate sectors.
• Lead the design of innovative supply side energy solutions (for greenfield and retrofit projects) including provisioning of power, steam, energy recovery systems for hot and cold water, cogeneration and trigeneration systems etc..
• Develop integrated supply/demand side energy solutions in support of integrated energy contracting (IEC) jointly with the engineering/design team.
• Responsible for developing tools and solutions to optimize and continuously improve efficiency of supply side energy solutions.
• Responsible for tracking and identifying new technologies/paradigms relevant to supply side energy solutions.
• Work with vendors/contractors/consultants/clients for implementation of supply side energy solutions.
• Establish technical standards and enable monitoring and ongoing maintenance of energy solutions.
• Play an integral role in business development across the hospitality and commercial sectors as part of the subject matter expert team.

• Masters Degree in Physics/Maths/Mechanical Engineering is a must, 
• Over 15 years of Experience in Engineering Operations in the supply side energy solutions space. 
• Ability to work well in an entrepreneurial setting and develop solutions that cater to market needs.
• Demonstrated ability to interpret technology and market trends as a foundation for technology and product roadmaps. 
• Self-starter, proactive, and demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects across geographies and sectors is key to success.
• Demonstrated ability to build systems, process, and continuous improvement metrics is needed.
• Integrity, teamwork, and an emphasis on people are key traits required.
• Leadership skills, ability to motivate, coach, and train people, and an ability to build organizations across geographies are needed for success.
• Must be passionate about environmental issues; be able to apply the most relevant approaches/technologies to deliver superior solutions. 
• Open to significant travel based on business needs.

If interested and qualified, please do write to me at shyam@nadathur.com